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What is an e-portfolio?
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Research is needed before we know if the ePortfolio revolution will indeed facilitate a beneficial learning / employment tool Could the ePortfolio be a case of jumping on the eLearning bandwagon? Do we really understand what an ePortfolio is and how / if it will actually work?

Although our research focus is higher education, to fully research the concept of ePortfolios other stakeholder visions of ePortfolios are more than welcome. Discussion and research is required into areas such as primary schools, secondary schools, adult basic skills, employment etc.

Upon attendance at the first international ePortfolio conference in Poitiers France evidence suggested interest in the ePortfolio is exceptionally high worldwide. Topics raised included the need for a truly open source, fully interoperable, customisable system with the establishment of standards Projects and initiatives from around the world can be located through the 'Other projects' link.

interesting facts

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has granted $518,000 to Indiana University to lead development of ePortfolio software based on Sakai and OKI standards.
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