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May 25, 2004

Reflection out of the box

It's often stated that reflection is an essential feature of an eportfolio and is what sets the eportfolio apart from a webpage, photo album, scrapbook, online workspace, etc. But reflection in many eportfolios is operationalized by merely asking the learner to reflect via a text box. How effective is this really in getting at deep meaningful thinking? How can we support and capture reflection by means other than a text box such as conversation with an advisor, mentor, or peer or dialogue with oneself?

May 23, 2004

Helen Barrett - E-Portfolios for learning

It is great to see that Helen Barrett has started her own blog, E-Portfolios for learning. This is a great addition to the blogging community as Helen is an internationally-known expert in the e-portfolio field.

May 22, 2004

e-portfolio levels of Maturity

I really like Jeremy Hiebert's review of this interesting e-portfolio levels of maturity article. He comments:

"The basic assumption here is that the goal of any portfolio initiative should be to have portfolios eventually replace high-stakes testing That sounds admirable enough, but their top couple of levels of maturity look a lot like high-stakes assessment to me: linking everything to pre-defined standards, departmental goals and taxonomies. The portfolio starts to be an extension of the most formalized components of traditional schooling, serving the interests of the institution. I'm generalizing, of course, but as soon as you apply rigid standards to a portfolio, I feel that it ceases to be a portfolio. It just becomes a series of assignments, which decreases the chances of students engaging in the process in any way "

Jeremy Hiebert's headspaceJ -- Instructional Design and Technology

May 21, 2004

Gates supports blogs

hmmm.. well!! - I have just read about Microsoft and in particular Bill Gates endorsment of the weblog as a valid and effective means of communication

"Mr Gates said the regularly updated journals, or blogs, could be a good way for firms to tell customers, staff and partners what they are doing."

"What blogging and these notifications are about is that you make it very easy to communicate," he said.

"The ultimate idea is that you should get the information you want when you want it."

BBC NEWS | Technology | Gates backs blogs for businesses

May 20, 2004

Oral Roberts University

I received an email from Cal Easterling at the Oral Roberts University pointing me towards some of the work they are carrying out into e-portfolios.

"Beginning the fall semester of 2004, all entering freshmen will be required to compile, maintain and complete an electronic developmental portfolio as a graduation requirement."

One idea I found interesting was the compulsory course: "ePortfolio: Journey to a Transformed Life". The aim of this course being to "orient students to the University Outcomes, philosophy of assessment, and acquaint the students with technology skills needed for the ePortfolio"

It will be interesting to follow how this works out!

read the news letter

May 18, 2004


I have just returned from a meeting in Slovenia where I was really impressed with the work being carryed out into e-portfolios. One of the main points in their presentation concerned the resistance they needed to overcome. Natasha, who was giving the talk has been working on the portfolio and e-portfolio concept for more than ten years. Now they are finally getting a break through - this is really encouraging!! I will post some more information from this meeting as soon I get my notes organised. I think these worldwide experiences of the e-portfolio are great.


Although a small sample, still interesting.

Quick Poll: Syllabus

Job searching

Although a few months old this is an interesting post relating to a college that offers students the option of creating an e-portfolio for job search purposes. I don't agree with them that this constitutes an e-portfolio, or rather "An ePortfolio is an electronic version of a traditional resume" . I feel this is one function of an e-portfolio but does not encompasses all an e-portfolio is.

ePortfolios makes job searching an easier task - East Tennessean - News

As I have mentioned before I am interested in researching the link between e-portfolios and industry as I feel the potential is huge - many employers I have spoken to are sceptical but if used correctly I think this could be a future way to gain employment.

May 11, 2004


I have always thought that incorporating weblog technology and ethos into e-portfolio development is a great idea. However I have/am having problems convincing the 'powers that be' where I work that this is so.

Google have now launched their own weblog. Perhaps with the 'big' name stepping in this will change opinion?

The e-portfolio

I realise this point is pretty irrelevant in the whole scheme of things but I received an email from an english professor asking about my use of the word 'ePortfolio', which apparently is incorrect. As it happens I did not realise that a commercial company have trademarked the name ePortfolio - does this mean everytime I use the term I am advertising their product/concept ?

Much to his delight I have now changed my term to e-portfolio.

I never said every entry would be serious :)

May 10, 2004

Digital divide

I have a concern with some aspects of the e-portfolio - the potential to increase the digital divide, those with access and those without. The vision that every citizen in Europe will have an e-portfolio by 2010, at a high level, is fine but what about the have nots?

I would like to see the e-portfolio being used to decrease the digital divide, however, this will require massive investment at a government level. If done well I feel the e-portfolio could be used effectively as a tool to empower minority and marginilised groups providing an alternative means for learning and self promotion.