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June 25, 2004

Job mapping

Perhaps the real strength of the e-portfolio in finding employment will be its inclusion within job mapping. The ability to match skills and experience with what is required, searchable by both employer and job seaker.

E-portfolios can give you an edge

This short article on highlights the benefit of using an e-portfolio to gain employment. I feel the sentiment is well placed but at the moment I am not sure that the e-portfolio will really increase job prospects. Employers I have talked to always seem to give the same answer - "I don't have time to look through 100 resumes so I certainly don't have time to look through 100 e-portfolios".

This will change as the e-portfolio becomes more widespread and while the e-portfolio may not help you get to the interview stage it could help when an employer is at the final stage of deciding between 2 or 3 candidates. Employers I have talked to indicated that at this point they may use the e-portfolio. The ability to view actual artifacts proving compentences the applicant has said they have could make all the difference in who they hire.

E-portfolios can give you an edge @

June 24, 2004

Using Wikis

Over the past few months I have been experimenting with a wide variety of technologies and practises which could impact on e-portfolio development. One such practise many people have pointed out is wikis, however I must admit I have yet to really see the value in wikis. I understand the underlying theory behind them but so far I have not found any which demonstrate the potential some feel they have.

June 22, 2004

Keep communicating

I have recently returned from some excellent conferences in Canada about e-portfolios. The interest and work going on there is great. My one main comment relates to communication. With all these initiatives starting and different institutions discussing possible e-portfolio introduction, I hope everyone remains talking to one another. I am a big believer that the sharing of knowledge and experience creates a greater understanding and ultimately enhances the e-portfolio learning process. It is excellent to see so many people starting up pilot projects and researching the potential of e-portfolios. What would be a shame is '50' pilot projects that don't talk to each other - there is no point re-inventing the wheel. Let's all share and move forward together.

E-portfolio demos

The following is a list of e-portfolio systems that allow you to go in and try out a demo account or view samples. Many people were asking about this so I decided to put them together in one place so folk can go in and review them for their own purposes.

1) OSPI -

2) LUSID - Liverpool University

You can apply for a three month demo account to trial this e-portfolio system at;=1

3) University of Newcastle - Managed Environments for Portfolio-based Reflective Learning

Register for a demo account:

4) Queensland University of Technology - Student Portfolio

To access the demo account use:

login: guest
password: guest then go to QUT virtual

5) Alverno College - The diagnostic digital portfolio

You can enter and look at a demo account.

6) Portfolio Academy

This commercial provider offers a demo account.

7) Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System - eFolio Minnesota

You can register for a demo account.

8) McGraw-Hill Higher Education - Folio Live

If you click on instructor you can register for username and password.

9) Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology - RosE-portfolio

At the bottom of the page you can register for a demonstration.

10) MAPS managed e-portfolios

Commercial provider. Although this system does not offer an interactive demo - it does provide a fairly comprehensive overview and step through of the system and its features. If you have broadband then you can view a demo with commentary.

11) Chalk and Wire

Commercial provider. Do not offer a full demo but you can go in and view both student and faculty samples.

12) ePortaro

You can get in touch with them to arrange a demo.

13) Concord's Masterfile ePortfolio Manager

At the bottom of this page you can request an online demonstration.

14) Blackboard Content System

The Blackboard Content System provides institutions with tools to store,
share, discover and manage valuable user files, course content, learning
objects, and digital library materials. An e-Portfolio system is
integrated into this platform allowing users to create e-Portfolios from
content already in the system, template pages, as well as include new
materials and links to external websites.

To get a demo of the e-Portfolio solution:

EIFEL to offer commercial e-portfolio product

EIfEL (European Institute for E-Learning) will provide each of its members with an e-portfolio. This has been made possible through an agreement with Nuventive, a commercial e-portfolio vendor that makes one of the major e-portfolio solutions.

I am a little worried about this commercial collaboration - I want to see the widespread use of e-portfolios but not for people to make big profits. What do others think?

June 16, 2004

Educause Quarterly article

A new article in Educause Quarterly is titled "Portfolios to Webfolios and Beyond: Levels of Maturation" by Douglas Love, Gerry McKean, and Paul Gathercoal. It describes an intriguing "levels of maturation" approach to e-portfolios or webfolios as described by the authors.

EDUCAUSE Quarterly | Volume 27   Number 2  2004